Women working in the Personio office in Amsterdam

Case | Personio – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Personio office in Amsterdam uses Framery pods to provide flexible spaces for both collaboration and focused work.

A leading HR software company, Personio, has partnered with the design team of M Moser to create a remarkable new office in Amsterdam. This collaboration aimed to create a welcoming and adaptable workspace that reflects the needs of today’s world.

People collaborating in the Personio office in Amsterdam

Through interviews, surveys, and workshops, the design team learned about Personio’s needs and crafted a tailored strategy and design concept. Central to this plan were individual office pods, providing flexible spaces for both collaboration and focused work.

Black Framery Q Flin N' Fold soundproof office meeting pod in the Personio office, Amsterdam

The office design showcases Personio’s values, promoting inclusivity and sustainability. Features like Framery Q Flip N’ Fold wheelchair-accessible pods and energy-efficient solutions demonstrate a commitment to accommodating everyone and reducing environmental impact.

People relaxing in the Personio office, Amsterdam

Overall, the new Amsterdam office is more than just a workplace. It’s a symbol of collaboration, inclusivity, and sustainability, reflecting Personio’s dedication to creating a positive and empowering environment for its employees.

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