Jeff Freburg, Head of Employee Experience, Playground Global

“Framery pods were the perfect solution.”

Playground Global is a venture capital firm focused on helping entrepreneurs, engineers and technologists build the companies and industries of tomorrow. Playground has over $800 million under management, but they invest more than just cash. Playground invests talent, studio space and resources to help startups grow. They have a world class cross-functional team with deep technical, design and operational expertise plus a 70k sq ft facility to help companies scale their capabilities and growth.

“Playground is an open, collaborative office space designed to encourage our portfolio companies to come together and share ideas. Since the office is so open, we needed to provide quiet, soundproof spaces for people to have small meetings, take phone calls or set up temporary work spaces,” says Jeff Freburg, Head of Employee Experience at Playground Global. “Framery pods were the perfect solution.”

Besides phone calls, quick meetings and temporary office spaces, Framery pods are used as space dividers around Playground’s facility. They’ve chosen a variety of colors and their facilities team easily moves them around depending on how the companies are using the space to accommodate their growing teams.

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