Case | Miniclip – Lisbon, Portugal

The Miniclip offices in Portugal use strategically placed Framery pods to offer privacy and focus within the stunningly designed open workspace.

In the heart of Lisbon, Portugal, sits the stunning offices of international digital games and entertainment company Miniclip. In 2022, Openbook transformed the space into a captivating premise that marries form and function. Guided by the brand ethos, the redesign encapsulates a modern, minimalist aesthetic with a nod to the gaming universe. And strategically placed Framery pods offer pockets of privacy and focus within the open workspace.

The exposed concrete exterior of the space seems to defy gravity as it hovers above the landscape. And the building’s enclosure, a harmonious interplay of two horizontal elements and four oblique structures, introduces a dynamic movement, turning the workspace into an architectural dance. 

Once inside, the office experience is nothing short of a real-life game box. Drawing inspiration from Miniclip’s gaming DNA, the workplace is thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of creativity and camaraderie. The design also features a collection of 10 Framery One, 6 Framery Q, and 2 Framery 2Q pods, which seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetic, providing employees with dedicated spaces for concentration while adding a practical touch to the stylish ambiance.

An element of playfulness has been infused into the very fabric of the office. Making it an engaging, and inspiring place to be.

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