Case | One Office – Helsinki, Finland 

The One Office space in Helsinki, Finland, is a collaborative office where multiple brands work side by side, thanks to the help of Framery pods.

The One Office space in Helsinki is a collaborative office where multiple brands work side by side. In 2022, Franz Design was able to transform the space, which accommodates four companies, into a colorful and vibrant workspace. The historical late 19th-century property required functional adaptability, and Framery pods helped in creating a distinct, cohesive look.

The project prioritized adaptable spaces for various working styles. Franz Design integrated Framery pods to enhance flexibility and support focus, with a consistent aesthetic fostering community.

The communal area became a productive workspace and social hub, promoting collaboration. A game room introduced an element of excitement, serving for testing and meetings.

The One Office was transformed into a relaxing and functional communal event space, becoming a multifunctional, collaborative workspace that enhances employee well-being and productivity.

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