White Framery Q soundproof office meeting pod in the Red Bull office, Warsaw

Case | Red Bull – Warsaw, Poland

The Red Bull office in Warsaw uses Framery pods to provide an inspiring, authentic, and sustainable workspace focused on employee wellbeing.

The Red Bull office in Warsaw, set in a former postwar industrial building, underwent a striking transformation designed to invigorate employees. Much like the brand’s iconic energy drinks, MXCF Architekci used Framery pods to provide Red Bull with an inspiring, authentic, and sustainable workspace.

White Framery O soundproof office phone booth in the Red Bull office, Warsaw.

At the core of the design process was the wellbeing of Red Bull’s staff. The two office floors incorporate open spaces and quiet workstations. The layout accommodates different-sized meeting rooms, a variety of relaxation areas, and boasts 3 Framery Q pods and 1 Framery O. Employees can easily choose the type of workspace that suits their activities during the day, fostering flexibility and cross-working.

MXCF Architekci harnessed the spacious and naturally well-lit aesthetic of the existing space to craft an office that exuded energy and creativity. Notable design elements include an art installation known as the “Wave of Energy,” featuring red battens that soar above the entrance area. 

The careful approach to adaptive reuse resulted in a timeless, informal, and home-like office environment. Red Bull’s new office offers an ideal blend of light, air, and good energy, creating an enjoyable workspace and a place to connect with fellow colleagues.

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