Office worker using Framery Connect

Build a workspace
that really works with
Framery Connect

Improve the way your office works with
real-time usage data – and support
your team to get things done.

Make them an office they can’t refuse

Provide spaces
for every need

Access real-time usage data to make sure everyone has access to a suitable space whenever they need it.

Make it easy
to find and book spaces

Improve the way people work with convenient mobile booking and automatic walk-in reservations.

Make every space in your office work efficiently

Identify how people use the spaces in your office. And make sure everyone can find the space they need – when and where they need it.

How it works

Framery Connect provides occupancy data from every Framery pod or office space with the Framery Connect sensor.

Every connected space provides you with valuable usage data you need to keep improving your workspace.

See which spaces are functioning efficiently, which spaces need attention, and which spaces go unused.

framery connect sensor

Connect and gather usage data from any workspace

The palm-sized sensor can easily be attached to any room or pod in your office to give you a complete overview of every working space.

Simple and wireless
Equipped with an external battery featuring a 3-year battery life

Internal 4G connectivity
No need to connect sensors to the company Wi-Fi

Woman accessing a black Framery One soundproof office pod with a calendar booking

CALendar connection

Keep your entire organization in sync

Walk-in reservations and one-touch booking adjustments reduce the stress of pre-booking a space for every meeting.

Automatic reservations
Smart pods automatically create a reservation upon entry, regardless of whether you have booked it in advance.

Real-time availability
Synchronize the status of your smart pods with your booking system to keep the team calendar up to date.

Easily adjust bookings
Bookings are displayed on the pod’s control panel and can be adjusted directly from the pod with a single touch.

framery app

Easily find & book spaces on the go

Instantly check space availability
See which spaces in the office are currently available

Book spaces directly from your phone
Easily reserve a workspace for every need

Keep your calendars synchronized
Automatic updates to your team’s calendar events and bookings

Set your office up for success

Unparalleled Support

Get instant support from a Framery specialist for any issues that may arise with your connected pods.

Always updated

Instantly receive automatic software updates through your smart pod’s 4G connection.

Privacy ensured

No identifiable user data is collected – Framery Connect only tracks workspace occupancy information.

Everything in one place with Framery Connect

Set up your office for the people who use it – and make it easier than ever to get work done.

Framery connect

Facility management
is now easier than ever

USAGE analytics

Optimize with analytics

Make workplace management decisions based on occupancy data

framery connect sensor

Usage data from
any space

Get occupancy data from every workspace in your office

framery app

Get started with
the app

Find & book spaces for every meeting throughout your day