Framery One soundproof office pod in an open space with a person working inside of it while others have a conversation just next to it.

Case | Unilever – Istanbul, Turkey

The Unilever office in Istanbul implements Framery pods to create a space at the forefront of modernity, sustainability, and inclusivity.

The Unilever office in Istanbul is at the forefront of modernity, sustainability, and inclusivity. Designed by Yalin Tan + Partners, the visionary workspace embraces post-pandemic work dynamics while emphasizing employee wellbeing. In addition to wellness rooms and biophilic elements, Framery pods provide employees with a sanctuary for privacy, reflection, and relaxation.

The design prioritizes inclusivity with gender-neutral facilities and private zones that foster focus. Unilever’s Istanbul office is a model of sustainability, emphasizing a biophilic design that promotes a connection with nature. Two Framery One pods help this workspace reduce stress and promote higher productivity.

People working in Unilever, Istanbul office.

The focus on people’s needs, combined with an inclusive and sustainable approach, cultivates an office environment that excels not only as a workspace but as a nurturing community. The result is a “home from work” environment where individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

Yalin Tan + Partners’ transformative design creates a workspace centered on inclusivity, sustainability, and employee wellbeing. Framery pods add to the holistic and sustainability approach by offering spaces that promote focus, relaxation, and mental rejuvenation.

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