Navy blue Framery One soundproof office pod in an open-plan office.

Workplace Management Software for Smarter Use of Office Data

Operating an office is easier and more efficient with data and the tools to understand it. That’s where workplace management software comes in.

Workplace and facility management is more efficient and optimizable using data to aid decision-making or monitor office usage. However, collecting and sifting through overwhelming amounts of information is not a simple task without dedicated and easy-to-use software designed for the purpose. That is why many workplaces and offices rely on workplace management software to operate everyday work more efficiently and improve their employees’ workdays. 

Workplace management software helps make sense of office data

By tracking and analyzing various aspects of workplace operations, workplace management software provides valuable data for offices to make informed decisions about the use of resources, productivity and more. Workplace management software supports managers in their decision-making and goal-setting while aiding them in measuring progress and results. 

Office analytics can be crucial for gaining and maintaining a competitive edge in an increasingly data-driven world. 

And it is not just large organizations with massive offices across continents that can benefit from workplace management software and office analytics. Businesses of different sizes across industries can optimize daily operations, whether their employees reside primarily at the office or follow a hybrid approach.

A person using Framery One's touchscreen to extend their meeting within the pod.

What is an integrated workplace management system?

One related concept is IWMS, short for integrated workplace management software. Unlike regular workplace management software that can focus on certain aspects of managing an office, IWMS encompasses a wider, more comprehensive set of functions and aspects of the workplace. 

The ultimate goal of IWMS is to provide all necessary functions with a single, unified, and integrated solution. As a result, a more complex IWMS might be out of scope for many offices that do not need the comprehensive set of features or a solution that consolidates a host of workplace management tasks into a single integrated platform.

Benefits of workplace management software and IWMS

Offices can gather data from all directions but cannot use it effectively without the right tools. By collecting the right kind of data and putting it to good use, offices can use their facilities and other resources more wisely while improving employee satisfaction and reducing costs.

Improved Resource Allocation

One of the primary benefits of workplace management software is the effective allocation of resources. The software allows managers to assign tasks based on individual skills and availability, leading to a more efficient distribution of workload. Workplace management software also helps optimize physical resources, such as office space and equipment. This can reduce unnecessary expenses and optimize the use of limited space in the office, including office pods and meeting rooms.

Enhanced Productivity

Streamlining processes and reducing downtime with workplace management software significantly improves the productivity of the whole office. This can result from task automation, eliminating repetitive tasks, and scheduling more effectively. By automating routine tasks and maintaining a well-organized schedule, workplace management software allows office workers and managers to focus on more complex, value-adding and rewarding activities.

Employee Experience and Engagement

A smoothly run office is a motivating and exciting work environment for employees. Workplace management software helps to foster a positive work environment by providing tools for flexible scheduling and streamlining work at the office. Collaboration tools in workplace management software are another key feature that enables team members to communicate and work together seamlessly, whether working at the office or from home. 

The software fosters collaboration, employee engagement and satisfaction, but so do the office’s premises. A modern office should be suited for both in-person collaboration as well as hybrid meetings with remote participants. Framery office pods and meeting rooms provide a soundproof environment for successful collaboration and meetings with other people, as well as a space for quiet, distraction-free work.

Cost Savings

Employers welcome all solutions that allow them to reduce the costs of operating an office. Investing in workplace management software can have a direct, positive impact on a company’s bottom line. The software helps to identify underutilized areas, such as meeting rooms or office pods. With this information, employers can redesign the office layout or invest in more private office booths. While the initial investment in the software might be notable, the return on investment can be great when considering the potential long-term savings.

Workplace management through data and analytics

Framery Connect helps facility management professionals identify how people use the spaces in the office. Framery Connect provides occupancy data from every Framery pod or office space with the Framery Connect sensor. Hence, you can make informed decisions for optimizing the use of office space.

You can also improve the way people work with convenient mobile bookings and automatic walk-in reservations. The Framery app helps to find and book spaces to meet and focus within seconds.

When the pods are connected to your organization’s calendar system, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Teams, they become bookable conveniently with the workplace calendar. Check the availability of pods from the calendar, book one for an upcoming meeting or jump into an available Framery One pod and extend your reservation directly with the touch-controlled control panel.

A person using Framery app on their phone, that shows all the connected open workspaces and pods available.

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