Office culture today

Over 50% of people have a hard time concentrating in open-plan offices Source: University of Sydney
Now 80% of all meetings are held between 1-4 people Source: Rapal Study, 2018

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Solving noise and privacy issues in open offices

Framery office pods and booths make the workplace happier by reducing noise and distractions, so people can concentrate better and be more productive. They are ideal for holding meetings, conference calls and ad-hoc discussions reducing the need to build expensive and space consuming meeting rooms.

Our pods fit in everywhere but always stand out

The much admired signature design of Framery pods fit naturally in open offices. Our color schemes and accessories to fit all styles and needs, while sustainable high-quality materials guarantee a quality user experience.

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Save time, space and money because Pods are cheaper than building walls
Reduce noise disturbance with Superior sound isolation technology
Our pods are awarded for Signature design
The air is always fresh inside with Superb ventilation
Easy to assemble and Use the day they are delivered
Meeting everyone's needs with Flexible color, furniture and equipment options

Framery pods in action

Many of the world’s leading companies are using our office pods to make their people happier. And save time, space and money. See how they look in action.

Client cases

Working with Architects to make happier offices

We actively collaborate with The American Institution for Architects (AIA) through educational courses emphasising the importance of distraction-free workspaces and the tools to achieve optimal environmental acoustics. We’ll be happy to help you too, just let us know.

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Framery O in blush, white and black

How many pods do you need and where to put them?

When placed correctly, our pods improve communication, reduce rush,
boost efficiency – and ultimately increase employee happiness.

Here are some key tips on how to place our pods and office booths:

1. Provide enough pods
We recommend providing one Framery O for every 15 employees, one Framery Q for every 20 employees and one Framery 2Q for every 30 employees.

2. Consider user needs
Provide different kinds of pods based on users’ needs. Some need to concentrate, others to work collaboratively.

3. Use pods as space dividers
Divide the floor plan to smaller zones based on activities as in point 2.

4. Place in the middle of activity areas
Pods and booths should be placed in the middle of activity areas, not hidden away in corners. That way people can easily see if they are vacant and access them.

See our placement guide for more details.

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Our office pods come in various sizes

Framery One

225 cm x 122 cm x 100 cm (h, w, d)
88,8 in x 47,9 in x 40 in (h, w, d)

325 kg / 716,5 lb

Framery O

221 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm (h, w, d)
87 in x 40 in x 40 in (h, w, d)

320 kg / 705 lb

Framery Q

222 cm x 220 cm x 120 cm (h, w, d)
87.4 in x 86.6 in x 47.2 in (h, w, d)

630 kg / 1389 lb (without furniture)

Framery 2Q

222 cm x 235 cm x 280 cm (h, w, d)
87.3 in x 92.5 in x 110.4 in (h, w, d)

950 kg / 2094 lb (without furniture)

Design your pod or booth

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Our placement guide

Learn how to get the most out of your pods

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