Open plan offices are great, but…

  • 50% of the people who work at an open plan office reported that the lack of sound privacy is the most frustrating aspect of their work environment. Studies show that noise can lower productivity significantly, by an average of 10%.
  • Distractions at an office environment are mainly due to phone calls and random meetings that take place in open plan offices. Overheard conversations have the most interruptive effect in workflow.

Our pods decrease noise and make everyday office life happier.

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Framery is a true pioneer in the industry

Framery pods are technically advanced, loaded with the latest innovations – from patented air ventilation to superior sound isolation technology.

It’s not just a pod

Framery’s pods are revolutionising the work culture. The pod is a place where people can bring their full potential and focus deeper on day-to-day tasks, with less interruption. It also reduces noise and makes everyday work life more enjoyable.

Easy to set up

Ready to use on the same day, Framery products give your office or design studio a fresh and redesigned new look, creating more spaces without the complications of renovations, construction and wasted materials.

Framery loves co-working

Work changes and so do the places where work takes place. More and more people carry out their work in co-working spaces. These places offer synergy of different people working together in the shared space, building community and at its best, offering serendipitous encounters. In this digital era of work, still, there’s nothing like people meeting face-to-face – and spaces must support this.

Framery pods can be found in UMA coworking spaces in Stockholm and Helsinki, where this picture is taken. Our pods fit perfectly to the needs of co-working spaces. They provide a space for a spontaneous meeting, a convenient place for meeting your customers and when needed, keep your private discussions private.

Design your pod

We understand that every office is different.

That’s why Framery pods can be crafted to your needs in various ways from a wide range of useful accessories, over a dozen fashionable colours, a variety of layouts and comfortable seating options. You decide the look, we make it happen.

Go ahead and design a pod that fits perfectly in your office.

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Our pods in action

The world’s leading companies are using our pods to unleash their full potential. See how our pods look in action.

Client cases

Colour makes all the difference

Check out some of our gorgeous fabric colour options.

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We don’t just want to create a pod that has superior sound insulation

It has to look good as well. And we’re happy to see that we’re not the only people who feel that way.

Some awards over the years 2018 Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500TM industry ranking of Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) top companies, 36th place
Some awards over the years 2017 The Internationalization Award of the President of the Republic in Finland 2017
Some awards over the years 2017 Muoto Gala, Internationalization Award, 2017 (Samu Hällfors)
Some awards over the years 2016 Ernst & Young Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Finland 2016 (Samu Hällfors)
Some awards over the years 2016 The Growth Company of the Year in Pirkanmaa and Pohjanmaa regions, Kauppalehti (top Finnish business newspaper) 2016
Some awards over the years 2015 London Design Awards, Silver Winner, 2015
Some awards over the years 2015 NeoCon Gold Award, 2015
Some awards over the years 2015 IIDEXCanada Innovation Awards, Gold Award, 2015

How many pods do you need?

We recommend providing one Framery O for every 10 employees and one Framery Q for every 20 employees. As a rule of thumb, the more there is noise or ad hoc conversations in the work area the more pods you need.

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How to place the pods?

With the help of Framery you can design your office in a totally new and efficient way. Place the pods in the middle of the activity areas, not in the corner.

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Tech specs


Framery O

221 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm (h, w, d)
87 in x 40 in x 40 in (h, w, d)

350 kg / 772 lb

Full specs

Framery Q

222 cm x 220 cm x 120 cm (h, w, d)
87.4 in x 86.6 in x 47.2 in (h, w, d)

700 kg / 1543 lb

Full specs

Framery 2Q

222 cm x 235 cm x 280 cm (h, w, d)
87.3 in x 92.5 in x 110.4 in (h, w, d)

950 kg / 2094 lb

Full specs

Design your pod

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Design your pod

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